One of the best parts of the Two by Fore community is the astounding participation that goes into creating discussions worth talking about. Today, we’re excited to announce that members will be rewarded for this participation with brand-new badges!

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Badges will be given for hitting achievements and actively participating on Two by Fore. Whether it’s having the most likes in a Topic or posting a certain number of questions, you’ll receive badges that will be proudly displayed site-wide.

Yes, the excitement that comes with chasing more badges is fun. Badges are also really useful in adding a flare of personality to each member. Having the Responder badge will tell others you are eager to contribute and help, whereas the Expert badge shows that you are one of the most knowledgeable members on a real estate topic.

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You can find your badges, or those of any other member’s, within a Profile under the Badges section. Clicking on any badge will show why you got it and other members who also have the same badge. Badges also show up when you click on a member’s picture next to a post.

You’ve probably already got a few badges. Go check them out now here:

There are a lot of badges available. Keep sharing, liking, asking, and answering to earn more!

Sorting through 994,000 results
Sorting through 994,000 results

There is no shortage of information about real estate online. In fact, searching by general real estate keywords reveals thousands of links that bounce us from social media posts to real estate agents’ websites to media articles. Of course, what we are really after is not thousands of posts to sort through, but rather the best expertise from sources that we can trust. How do home buyers and sellers know who to trust?


Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

I was always a big fan of the cooking show, Iron Chef. The show was one of the first, if not the first, to pit some of the best chefs in the world against each other. Each chef represented the cuisine of a different country. A single ingredient was selected for each show (personal favourite was the octopus episode), with each chef given one hour to make as many dishes as possible showcasing that theme ingredient. The Kitchen stadium always began with the same line, “Whose cuisine reigns supreme?”

Seeing the results of a new Nielsen survey commissioned by Agent Ace made me think about Iron Chef. The survey, amongst other things, asked what home buyers and sellers most looked for when choosing or hiring a real estate agent. Join Two by Fore now and show home buyers & sellers you are the expert.


Trending Questions

New startup founders spend months and even years dreaming of having a live product with real users. While you hope that you’ve got a shiny, pretty thing out of the gate, the goal is to build something that is beyond just new and remains shiny and valuable to your members for a very long time.

We opened Two by Fore on Sunday to a small group of initial users. Within hours, we already had new questions being posted by home buyers and sellers, and real estate agents and brokers starting to add their own questions and answers. Question like:
When there are competing bids, can the seller see all the bids together?
What is the best purchase location on the Lower Mainland or Island for first time home buyers?


This is an exciting day. The first group of Two by Fore members can join and start participating now.

We expect the first group to be modest in size, but significant in enthusiasm. We know there are home buyers and sellers, as well as real estate agents, just like you who have been waiting for a place like Two by Fore. You’re eager to ask questions and share expertise. And today is your day. Join us now.


Real estate decisions are big, important, and complex. And yet, home buyers and sellers have an informational disadvantage in making informed decisions on something oh-so-important.

We (the three of us Co-Founders) kept asking ourselves why the Web was not better deployed to help consumers make educated decisions. Sure, companies have made the ability to search for and understand homes much easier. And recently there have been a number of tools to help consumers understand the neighbourhoods around those homes. While both of these services are integral in enabling consumers to make better decisions, they are only a piece of the puzzle.